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Our platform is founded upon the credit-sharing economy, a framework enabling users to lend and request funds through streamlined, adaptable, and personalized solutions.

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The Credit Sharing economy is an innovative model of collaborative finance, based on the principle of credit sharing among users of an online platform. This allows those in need of a loan to access more favorable conditions quickly, easily, and securely.



Fund your ideas

PrestiPlus are the loan solutions offered by Lendit, both of which offer you the possibility of accessing credit at advantageous conditions and quickly, thanks to a certified and monitored platform.

Find out which solution is right for you.

Ask up to €50,000 in just a few clicks.

Select the projects to invest in.

Set your targets, we’ll take care of the rest!

The secondary market for Lendit credits.

Give credit to your future

PrestiPlus and Auto-Invest are the investment solutions offered by Lendit. Utilize these tools to invest intelligently and purposefully.


Discover which solution is right for you.



What is Lendit ?

Lendit is a credit-sharing platform where businesses and professionals can lend and request liquidity in a simple, fast, and tailored manner. The Lendit community has access to a loyalty program (Lendit-score) and is protected by a proprietary guarantee fund.

With the ‘Invest’ product, you will gain access to a platform where you can select the optimal investment products tailored to your specific needs. Whether focusing on short-term or medium-term investments, you will be able to manage them with utmost ease and efficiency.

Lendit equips users with essential tools to efficiently manage liquidity, whether seeking funds or maximizing returns, in a reliable, straightforward, and prompt manner. Gain access to highly innovative and customizable solutions, alongside the opportunity to integrate into a dynamic entrepreneurial network, facilitating business expansion.


Ricevi il credito

Il tuo matching è avvenuto con successo! Firma il contratto e ottieni il credito richiesto.



Scegli l’importo, i tempi di rientro e rendi il tuo tasso appetibile per gli investitori.


Scegli il prodotto

Finito l’onboarding puoi scegliere PrestiOne, se conosci già il prestatore (es. prestiti intragruppo) o PrestiPlus per rivolgerti alla community.


Ricevi il credito

Il matching è avvenuto! Riceverai mensilmente sul tuo wallet la quota di rientro del tuo investimento.



Una volta scelto il metodo di investimento/prodotto,riceverai un contratto da accettare e firmare nelle condizioni prestabilite.


Filtra i risultati

Filtra tra i vari prestiti disponibili sul marketplace o lascia fare tutto a noi con AutoInvest, dovrai solo scegliere i parametri di rischio e durata.